Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar <br> 1pcs

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Bar

Skin Type: 

 Normal / Oily / Dry / Combination  / Sensitive

Just shampoo, in a bar, no waste, no extraneous packaging. Shampoo bars can last up to three times as long as regular bottles. They also feel more wholesome than a synthetic liquid shampoo. This is Sabonita's first shampoo bar for hair, its a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, and vinegar. Each ingredient has a special purpose, but when together they help restore the scalp and hair to its natural condition. And its dye friendly.


Coconut Oil (30%), Olive Oil (70%)
Vinegar, Honey, NaOH, Distilled Water. 
No Fragrance
Net Weight: 220g / 7.75oz